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How to make your home more valuable and sell faster.

Preparing your home for viewers, or “staging”, is important. It will ensure your property is sold faster, and can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value. There are little things you can do yourself very easily, but it’s also wise to use an estate agent who offers this as a service, so when it comes to taking the all-important…

Trying to sell your home? The modern buyer “Must Haves” have changed dramatically

Among the items shown in new survey are open fireplaces are out and mobile phone signal is in as tech needs influence homeowners must haves

Forget authentic wooden beams, en suite bathrooms or even a conservatory, househunters now insist their dream home must have good mobile phone signal and space for a giant TV.

The extras once said to add value to…

Ten tips for buy-to-let in Birmingham: the essential advice for property investors

For many buy-to-let looks an attractive income investment at a time of low rates and stockmarket volatility. But if you are considering investing in property – or improving your returns on a buy-to-let you already own – it’s important to do things right.
Read Clarks Residential’s top ten buy-to-let tips – the essential guide to successful property investing.
Buy-to-let may not be quite the…

Do you know the upfront costs of renting?

When you’re renting for the first time, there’s a lot of information people expect you to know. There are costs, contracts and rules – and you’re not sure what’s a legal requirement, which charges vary from landlord to landlord or how well-protected you are as a renter.

Moving house is difficult enough without having any added stress so we want to…